Discover – Test – Reduce

High radon concentrations can be found in any building, anywhere but some areas are more prone to higher levels. This is rarely a problem as specialist mitigators can install systems to lower the indoor radon concentration, lowering the health risks associated with radon.

Testing for radon is simple and cheap. There are different technologies available for measuring the radon concentration in a property. It is important to get an assessment of the yearly average radon concentration, from a 3 month measurement. This is because the radon concentration can vary a lot from week to week. For most properties two detectors, one for bedroom and one for living space, will suffice. If a property has any used basement space, consider an additional detector.

Reducing the radon concentration in properties can be done by specialist contractors but as every property is different, there are no hard and fast rules as to the best way of doing a job.

For domestic properties, Public Health England has set an Action Level of 200 Bq/m3, recommending that action against radon must be taken where the yearly average radon concentration exceeds this number. 

For workplaces the employer must ensure that the winter maximum of 400 Bq/mis not exceeded.

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