Radon Awareness Week 2018 – coming soon

Here you can view and download a series of resources with key information about radon gas, which are ideal to share amongst friends, family and colleagues.


Radon in Homes

UKRAW Radon in Homes

Radon When Buying A Home

UKRAW Radon When Buying Homes

Radon in Workplaces

UKRAW Radon in Workplaces

Radon In New Buildings

UKRAW Radon In New Buildings




Looking Out for Little Lungs Campaign
How Radon Affects Your Family
An Overview of Radon in Under 90 Seconds
What Takes Your Breath Away? Public Awareness Campaign & Interviews


Workplace Radon Risk Assessment                             Schools’ Classroom Exercise Guidance & Templates*                                                        Kits*

Click To Download A Free Workplace Radon Risk Assessment Flowchart                                                                 
*Courtesy of propertECO