Countdown to Radon Awareness Week Starts Here!

With just one month to go until UK Radon Awareness Week kicks off, we’ve been busy creating a range of resources to help you understand more about radon and, importantly, share this knowledge with your friends & family.

Head over to our Resources page where you will find our brand new posters; Radon in Homes, Radon When Buying A Home, Radon in The Workplace and Radon in New Buildings. It’s easy to share these via social media; just  click the icons at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, why not print the posters out and pin to your staff noticeboard at work, or display one in your car window?

Those of you in the South West, keep an eye out for the UK Radon Association team coming to a town centre near you to ask ‘What Takes Your Breath Away?’. If you’re elsewhere in the country, don’t worry as videos of these events will be available online shortly.


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