Radon in the Workplace: Are You Compliant?

As UK Radon Awareness Week continues, today’s focus is on radon in the workplace.

Workplace Radon Deaths

UKRAW Radon in WorkplacesIn the UK, the Management of Health & Safety At Work Regulations 1999 require all employers to assess all hazards that may be posed to staff when at their place of work. This includes radon, yet many employers are unaware of the need to conduct a radon risk assessment, therefore employees across the country may be being exposed to elevated levels of radon whilst at their desks, on the shop floor or speaking with customers.

As well as creating a simple poster highlighting the steps that employers must take, UK Radon Association members propertECO have created a Radon Risk Assessment toolkit that employers can use to guide them through the process of complying with legislation. The toolkit is free to download and includes an overview of the requirements, a flowchart detailing the steps to follow and template documents to complete.

Click To Download A Free Workplace Radon Risk Assessment Flowchart

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