Updated Guidance for Radon Protection In Newbuilds to Launch Next Week

bre logoAn updated version of BR 211, the guidance document providing building professionals with information on radon protective measures for new buildings has been updated. The document, which ihs-180pxwill be officially launched at the Public Health England Radon Forum during Radon Awareness Week, was first published in 1991 giving practical measures for reducing the concentration of radon in new buildings, extensions, conversions and refurbishment projects.

For the first time, the document brings together guidance for England, Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland (replacing documents BR 376 and BR 413 in the latter two countries).

Author Chris Scivyer commented “It was thought that now would be the ideal time to update the guidance and to reawaken awareness of the continuing need for radon-protective measures across the UK”

You can read more about the new guidance in the annoucement from BRE by downloading the announcement below. You will also find a discount code for 25% off the full price that can be used online at the BRE Bookshop until the end of November 2015.

BR211 Update Announcement

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